Austin, TX Pediatric Occupational Therapists

KidTherapy's team of occupational therapists in Austin, TX help children achieve goals related to fine motor skills, sensory processing, activities of daily living, and feeding.

How can I find out if my child needs occupational therapy?

If your child has special needs or challenges that limit their ability to perform tasks related to daily living, they may benefit from an occupational therapy evaluation. Does your child have difficulty writing or using utensils, problems with tasks related to getting dressed such as buttoning buttons, tying shoes, zipping and unzipping clothing, or challenges involving attention, following directions, and/or transitioning between activities? Our team of occupational therapists will be able to evaluate and treat impairments such as these, improving your child's ability to function in the home, school, or community. Occupational therapists strive to help children accomplish activities of daily living and self-help skills. Occupational therapy treatment plans and therapy work to restore and/or improve fine-motor abilities, coordination and balance difficulties.  They also aid the child in adapting to his or her surroundings by working on self-modulation issues, sensory integration, and promoting positive behavioral changes. Click here to meet our team of occupational therapists or get started with KidTherapy today.