Speech Language Pathologist

Courtney has had extensive experience working in a private practice setting with clients with a variety of communication disorders including apraxia, aphasia, articulation, augmentative communication, dysarthria, dysphagia, voice, language, phonology, cleft palate, as well as accent modification. She has also conducted home health therapy utilizing a consultative or direct therapy model and collaborated with other disciplines to obtain maximal benefit from patient treatments. Before being licensed as a Speech-Language Pathologist, Courtney worked as a speech pathologist assistant - providing direct treatment in the individual and group settings to pediatric clients in the Head Start setting by following the written treatment plans developed by the supervising Speech-Language Pathologist. Courtney's education and professional training include an M.A., Communication Disorders, from Our Lady of the Lake University, 2003 and a B.S., Communication Sciences and Disorders, The University of Texas at Austin, 1998. She also received a Compton PESL Certification in 2006 & education in Lee Silverman Voice Treatment, 2003.

Speech Language Pathologist

Jahaira Hernandez graduated in 2019 with a Master in Speech-Language Pathology from The University of Texas- Austin. She has clinical experience working in school settings, clinical setting,s and under private practice. Jahaira's favorite thing about being a therapist is getting to see the progress in her clients, making an impact in their lives and their family’s lives. She is fluent in English and Spanish.

Jo Anne
Speech Language Pathologist

Jo Anne graduated in 2017 with a Master in Communication Disorders from Our Lady of the Lake University. She has experience working in school districts and rehab facilities. Her clinical interests include voice, articulation, and fluency. Jo Anne believes in the philosophies “It’s not about what I know; it’s about what they learn.” “First teach them to do themselves no harm.” In addition to evidence-based speech therapy techniques, she also has 25 years of training classical singers (breathing, dictation, and prosody). Her favorite thing about being a therapist is seeing improvements in her clients.


Speech Language Pathologist

Alexa comes to us from Phoenix, AZ. She graduated from the University of Arizona in 2017 with a Masters of Science in Speech Pathology. She has been in a public school setting since working with students with articulation, language, and fluency disorders, as well as Autism and Down Syndrome. Her passion is working with literacy skills. She also is skilled. Her favorite thing about being a therapist is empowering families with skills to work with their kids. She uses techniques including dialogic reading, recasting, expanding, and following the child's lead to help families reach their goals. Alexa is trained with Hanen: It Takes Two to Talk PECS Level 1. She also has studied with courses including identifying Developmental Language Disorder in Linguistically Diverse Schools. In her free time, Alexa is an avid baker and loves to spoil her dog, Oliver! 

Speech Language Pathologist

Mariel graduated from the University of Maryland in 2007 and then received her degree in Speech Pathology from Hofstra University. She has been working as a speech pathologist since 2009 and started working with KidTherapy in 2019. She has had various experiences working in Public schools and learning centers, as well as working in Autism classes. She has experience in other private practices as well as home-based therapy services. Her passions are working with language delay, autism, and articulation disorders. She believes that multiple repetitions and repeated exposure can help children and families reach their goals when it comes to speech & language delays. She also uses social thinking and other individualized treatment techniques. She is PROMPT trained. In her spare time, Mariel loves to travel.

Bilingual Speech Language Pathologist

Jiselle is a bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist fluent in both English and Spanish. She is a recent graduate with her Masters of Science in Speech-Language Pathology from Texas State University. She received her undergraduate degree from the same university in 2019. She has had clinical experience in a school setting, clinical setting, and with teletherapy. Her clinical interests include neo-natal swallowing, feeding, language delay, and articulation disorders. She says her favorite thing about being a therapist is knowing she is impacting a child's life forever. She is a strong believer in play-based therapy and the use of evidence-based practice when working with clients and their families. In her spare time, she loves to be in the water every chance she gets.

Speech Language Pathologist

Melissa graduated in 1991 from Easter Illinois University and then received her Master's from Governor's State in 1993. She has had 30 plus years of experience with an emphasis on early childhood, autism, challenging behaviours, and working with sensory integration. She believes that integrating the whole body through motor, sensory & cognitive approaches along with family involvement is the most successful combination to help families reach their goals. She has a passion for working with more challenging diagnoses such as autism and ADHD behaviours to make a positive change. She loves to motivate kids to learn using a combination of fun activities while setting expectations. Melissa is PROMPT trained and has educated facial reflex integration to stimulate facial muscles as well as using an SOS approach to feeding. After 30 years, Melissa still loves her job and working with children of all ages!

Speech Language Pathologist

Seham graduated in 2013 with her Masters in Speech Pathology.  Since then, most of her experience has been with private practice outpatient Pediatrics.   Her main clinical interests are working with children who are diagnosed with Autism or developmental language disorders.  She also enjoys working with augmentative communication.   Her favorite part of being a therapist is enhancing the parent/child/therapist relationship.   The philosophies and treatment techniques she likes to focus on is child-family first,  functional language, and literacy skills.  She believes it is important to lead by example and be a resource for the family.  She believes strongly in seeing the whole child.   One fun fact about Seham is she is a book reader and has a major sweet tooth!  She also loves her coffee!!

Speech Language Pathologist

Kate graduated from Texas State University in 2014 with a degree in Communications Disorders.  She has clinical experience working in school, residential rehab, and home health settings.   Her clinical interests are largely with articulation and language disorders.   She says her favorite thing about being a therapist is interacting with cients and caregivers.  She believes in using self-talk, modeling, parallel talk, and positive reinforcement.  She has been in the Austin area for 4 years.